Hi, I’m Erica and I’m a Lightworker

Photo by Kate Midlane in Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Kate Midlane in Bali, Indonesia

My gift

My gift is to connect with people deeply and authentically in a way that helps them feel safe to reveal their true self. I love what I do because I give people confidence and help them believe in themselves by giving them photos that show their most radiant and truthful self. Sometimes people can’t see their own beauty - but I do - and I love to show them what I see!

Most people feel uncomfortable or shy in front of the camera. It can be a scary and vulnerable place. That’s why I see myself as a kind of custodian helping people to step into that uncomfortable space. I’m here to support you to it and through it.

My gift is to connect with people deeply and authentically. I give people confidence and help them believe in themselves.

My career started…

My career in photography started about 18 years ago in Washington DC. I was scouted by a local photographer to be a hair model for his friend who owned a salon. That’s right, I started out in front of the camera! On that first shoot my natural curiosity led me to ask questions, help set up lights, and next thing I knew I was being offered a chance to become his photo assistant. I eagerly said yes and embarked on my first photography apprenticeship. I was so excited to learn photography and Photoshop with a voracious appetite unmatched by anyone in the studio. Since then I’ve apprenticed for numerous professional photographers over the years, learning different styles and approaches and ultimately refining those lessons into something distinctly my own.

You can read more about the story about how I got started in my photography career in this Boston Voyager feature article here

In 2012 I took a leap of faith and set off on my own. I’ll never forget the fear I felt when I quit my full-time job to pursue my acting and photography careers simultaneously. I remember thinking it would take a miracle for me to survive without a paycheck.

Well, here I am standing before you today as a widely acclaimed, award-winning portrait photographer (and pretty well known and successful actress too). I help people see their beauty and believe in themselves to go after their dreams because that’s exactly what my story is an example of. Going after your dreams doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, it means you’re willing to proceed forward in spite of your fears.

Why I’m good

I’ve had a lot of life experiences that have contributed towards me becoming the great photographer that I am today. For one, my experience as a model showed me what it’s like to be in front of the camera, and all the fears and insecurities that can go along with it. That’s why I make an effort to be the kind of photographer that I wish someone had been for me.

My experience as an actor helps me understand what other actors need, and what it takes to make a photo really stand out. I’ve had countless experiences learning from agents, managers and casting directors and I have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for in a headshot and I bring that knowledge into my work as an acting headshot photographer.

Lastly, my travels around the world have helped me a lot too by giving me perspective and teaching me how to see beyond the surface. I’ve spent about three years of my life in India. From the first trip back in 2008, I published a book “A Thousand Words: INDIA” which you can see here, and my journeys in 2014-15 expanded my mind even further, which I talk about in this blog post How Traveling in India Made Me a Better Photographer. You can also see more of my work from India on my Tumblr here.

What’s next

I love to learn, grow and push myself creatively and spiritually. I know that every time I approach my edge it moves a little further out. I’ve gotten really good at headshots for actors (because I am one!) and now I’m excited to explore the new frontier as a personal branding photographer. In personal branding photography I work more intensely with my subject to help them discern the essence of who they are and translate that essence into visual stories. With professional personal branding imagery my clients show up in the world powerfully and authentically so they can build their audience and do more of what they love.

Who I serve

For me this is not just about taking photos, this is about changing lives. Someone comes to me with a dream, a vision, an aspiration, but maybe they don’t quite know how to get there yet, all they know is that they feel it calling to them. That’s where I come in. I’m a kind of ‘Intuitive Activator’ - I help you activate your dream into reality. That doesn’t mean I do it for you, rather I give you energy and tools to help you on your path.

I am powered by intuition and Spirit, and ultimately that’s what I do best. I serve as a channel for something greater to come through.

I play best with people who are willing to invest in their success, and who trust that subtle calling from within. I love to work with dreamers, disrupters, entrepreneurs, forward thinkers and agents of change. I'm especially fond of introverts and people who feel shy and need a special someone to help them break past their shell. I work exceptionally well with my fellow magical people, those who are aware of their abilities or those who are just starting to wake up. 

It must be said

I am powered by intuition and Spirit, and ultimately that’s what I do best. I serve as a channel for something greater to come through.

Catch me while you can!

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Oh, and there’s one more thing you should know. I travel...a lot. I have an acute allergy to winter so I avoid it as much as possible. During the colder months, you can usually find me in places like Thailand, Bali or Egypt, and typically I return to America during the summer months. That means my availability is super limited, so if you want to work with me and you see that I’m available, don’t delay! Reach out to me and start a conversation and let’s make it happen. If you hesitate or procrastinate you will miss your chance or working with me.

Let’s do this

The best way to start the process of working together is to send me a message, schedule a call or just go ahead and book a portrait session (unless you want to do personal branding photoshoot, then let’s start here).

One thing though, I have a pretty big following from my videos online, for which I am super grateful. I know a lot of those people want to talk to me, however, the options outlined above are restricted to those interested in working with me professionally only. I appreciate my friends respecting this boundary.

Thank you for reading this far and for considering me as your photographer. It would be my honor to serve you!

Let’s connect

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I'm proud to say that out of 218 photographers reviewed in the Boston area I was selected as one of the top 19 best headshot photographers in Boston. See my listing as one of the "19 Best Portrait Photographers in Boston"

WGBH Best of Boston A-List Top Boston Portrait Photographer 2016 

Imagine Magazine Shooting Star Award 2014

Alongside prestigious filmmakers Chad Verdi, Wes Craven, Diane Pearlman and Margie Sullivan I was recognized for my contributions to the New England Film industry with the Shooting Star Award at the 2014 Imagine Magazine Gala.

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"Whether we’re talking about a casting director seeing a professional acting headshot in consideration for an audition or a potential employer seeing our Linkedin profile pic, what is irrefutable is that people today are making decisions about us based off the photo we use to represent ourselves online. That’s why we owe it to ourselves to put our best face forward and invest in professional headshots, because this is our success we’re talking about, and if that's not worth it I don't know what is." - Boston headshot photographer Erica Derrickson

Professional headshot photographer Erica Derrickson is widely considered one of Boston’s best photographers for acting headshots, modeling portfolio images and professional corporate headshots. With a fresh and clean style that reveal her subjects at their best, Erica prides herself on delivering Boston headshots that help its actors, models and businesses shine.