10 Reasons Why Everyone in Business Needs a Professional Headshot Photo

by Lynn Julian

Actress and musician Lynn Julian

Actress and musician Lynn Julian

    Whether an actor, artist or real estate agent, every business professional needs to have a professional headshot done every few years.  Your headshot or profile picture is the first impression you make on every potential new client or co-worker. If your headshot photos are outdated, you may never even get a call back...and you may never know why!  Boston, Masachusetts has steadily grown as a successful business hub and major motion picture location, where I spoke with headshot expert and founder of Hollywood East Actors Group, Erica Derrickson. Here she offers her top ten reasons why everyone needs new headshot:

1. We live in the Internet Age of visual stimulation and photos are  King.

2. Many people are far too busy to read every resume, and may only look at your headshot photo. This is your chance to make a great first impression. Don't miss out on that!

3. Everyone judges others based on profile pictures, be it Facebook, casting or dating sites. You know you do it and other people will do it for you, so make sure you set yourself up to be liked on screen before you ever walk into the room.

4. Just one great headshot photo can get your foot in the door for an interview or audition.

5. Just one bad headshot photo can damage credibility and cost you financially via lost wages.

6. A professional looking photograph projects the image of a professionally behaving individual. Especially for actors a great headshot tells casting directors that you take your career seriously and will show up as a professional.

7. You've studied and worked so hard to hone your skills and your photos should reflect that. Your dream is on the line!

8. You may not in fact always look your "best," but a professional headshot photo will because part of what a professional headshot photographer like Erica does is put you at ease and bring out the very best in your personality and eyes. That's literally her job.

9. Hair and clothing styles change quickly, and so do you. Old headshots make you look dated. Just don't do that to yourself! Respect where you're at and go for photographs that show it.

10. New, professional photos, every few years, are a priceless way to document your success.

Erica Derrickson is an award winning headshot photographer residing in Boston, Massachusetts.  Her headshot photography portfolio, along with articles on top headshot tips, can be viewed on her web site, http://www.ericaseye.com.  As the founder of Hollywood East Actors Group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/hollywoodeastactors, Erica has been able to share her expertise with actors throughout New England, establishing herself as "Boston's headshot expert."  Beyond being one of Boston's best headshot photographers, Erica Derrickson is a professional actress, http://www.presskit.to/erica, whose recent film credits include "The Heat," with Sandra Bullock.