10 Signs You've Found the Best Headshot Photographer in Boston

How do you select the right Boston headshot photographer for you?

When you’re ready to invest in professional headshots choosing the right headshot photographer in Boston is critical. Here are a few tips of what to look for in a professional headshot photographer to make sure you get the most out of your investment and have a great time in the process.

  1. A great headshot photographer will make you feel that they really care about you. She should take the time to understand why you need a headshot and how you plan to use your new headshot. For example, a business headshot for Linkedin is different than a modeling comp card image or acting headshot, and acting headshots for dramatic work are different than modeling headshots for commercial print work. The best photographers will ask you the right questions to help you clarify what you need and then shoot in a style that accomplishes that.

  2. The best headshot photographers should have a fun and relaxing personality that puts you at ease. They should be able to bring down your defenses and allow your true essence to shine through. In fact a great headshot photography session should be fun!

  3. The best professional portrait photographers should give you ample guidance during the shoot. They should give you helpful feedback during your session and help guide you through poses and adjustments where you feel comfortable and relaxed. It's their job to bring out the best in you.

  4. The best headshot photographers in Boston will give you the option for both a studio shoot and/or an outdoor shoot, so make sure you ask your photographer if they have a photography studio. If they don’t have a professional photography studio they will likely ask to meet outdoors somewhere, which can make it more difficult to change outfits or leave your personal belongings in a safe place while shooting. If you’re only going for one look that can work well, however if your intention is to create a range of images for acting or a modeling comp card shooting only outdoors can be challenging, especially if the weather isn't ideal.

  5. Top headshot photographers should offer you different backgrounds and lighting setups so you come away from your photoshoot session with a range of different images to choose from. A great headshot photographer cares about helping you maximize the return on this important investment you’re making in yourself.

  6. The best headshot photographers should be great photo retouchers too. Headshot retouching should leave a person looking like themselves at their best, but not overdone. Some symptoms of bad photo retouching include blurry skin, weirdly electric eyes, totally erased wrinkles and possibly distorted facial contours. Good retouching looks like no retouching at all. The best facial retouching looks like the person’s inner light is shining through.

  7. Professional portrait photographers should be easy to communicate with and should be available and present to you both before, during and after your photoshoot. Before and during the shoot they should help dispel any anxiety you’re experiencing and after the shoot they should support you through selecting your final images. Your photographer should make you feel supported and cared for throughout the whole process.

  8. The very best acting headshot photographers will have experience in the industry and will be able to offer you helpful guidance on what to do with your acting headshots next in order to book more work.

  9. The best professional headshot photographers will have a policy for reshooting if you aren't happy with the outcome of your initial photoshoot. At every step you should feel like they care about your happiness and satisfaction.

  10. And the very best headshot photographer is not just your photographer, they become your friend :)

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" It has been over 16 years since I have had professional photographs.  I went to Erica because I saw her work online for other actors, artists and her photographs from India and I was truly impressed with her talent and skill to capture the "natural essence" of her subjects and bring their personalities to life.  Everyone is unique and original!  Before my photo session, Erica sent me some valuable information on how to relax on camera, what wardrobe to bring to a photo shoot and information to read about photo shoots. Erica is a gifted headshot photographer and knows how to bring her subjects to life -- bring out their special qualities, beauty and personalities.  She is able to capture real moments through their eyes.  She knows what color schemes work for her clients, is able to effectively light, frame, use all grounds and space in the frame to enhance the photograph and make here subjects pop!  I was very pleased with my pictures and received positive feedback from family, friends, industry professionals and even a casting director!  Erica you are professional, fun, energetic, creative and wonderful person to work with.  You truly love your work and it shows in your photographs. I will definitely come back!  Thank you for making me look fantastic!! "

- Linda Ann Eknoian, SAG-AFTRA Actress

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Erica Derrickson is an award winning photographer widely considered one of the best headshot photographers in Boston.  Her professional headshot photography portfolio, along with articles on top headshot tips, can be viewed on her web site, http://www.ericaseye.com.  As the founder of Hollywood East Actors Group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/hollywoodeastactors, Erica has been able to share her experience and expertise with actors throughout New England, establishing herself as "Boston's headshot expert."  Beyond being one of the top headshot photographers in Boston, Erica Derrickson is a professional actress, http://www.presskit.to/erica, whose recent film credits include "The Heat," with Sandra Bullock, among many others. You can see her acting resume here.