What You Need to Know About the Headshot Clinic

Hi friends, this page contains the info you need for a smooth and successful Headshot Clinic experience. Please read through and when you have message me at www.facebook.com/ericaderrickson to confirm you understand the info. THANKS!!


PLEASE ARRIVE 10-15 mins BEFORE your scheduled appointment. That way you will be in place and ready to shoot as soon as your time starts. We have a lot to do in our hour together so please help me help you by being there and ready on time. If you are late then we may shoot less looks.

CONTACT: The best way to reach me is on FB messenger (www.facebook.com/ericaderrickson). Please message me there in advance of the Clinic to establish communication. 

LOCATION: 143 Cross St, Apt 3, Somerville MA 02145. This is a residential building located on the corner.

PARKING: There are two parking lots behind the building separated by a wood fence. Please park in the lot attached to the building on the inside of the wood fence, next to the house. The other larger lot belongs to the restaurant across the street. Please do not park there or you could get towed.

ENTER: When you park in the back my Clinic assistant should be there to guide you in. If no one is there you can walk around to the front of the building and ring the doorbell for apt #3.

CLOTHES: I give plenty of advice on the subject here. I advise choosing bright colors that pop, but also feel free to bring darker options if you feel that fits your character. If you have a leather jacket bring it! Please do not bring too many options as that will slow us down, just you favorite 4-6 options. 

PAYMENT:Full payment is due at the time of the session. I accept cash (my preference!), check (made out to Erica Derrickson), Paypal, Credit/debit card (with a 3.5% processing fee for this service)

PHOTO REVIEW: Your Clinic session includes the photoshoot, and afterwards I will download your photos and we will review your images on the computer. I will show you 20-50 images, and from there we will select your final(s) for retouching. The basic package includes 20 web res images, which are great for sharing online, but not printing (that's what the final hi res retouched shot is for). If you choose the upgrade then you will receive 50 hi res images, great for both sharing AND printing.

UPGRADES: You have the option to upgrade from the basic package to receive more looks and more images. The basic package includes 2 looks and you get 20 web res photos + 1 hi res retouched headshot. You can upgrade the package for $100 to get 3 looks and 50 hi res photos (not just web res, but hi res you can print). No additional retouched images are included in the upgrade, but can be purchased separately for $50 each. I can explain better in person, but if you feel you may want any upgrades then come prepared with some extra cheese for me. Thanks!

IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that we have limited time together so please come ready to shoot. That means makeup done and ready to roll, and arrive 10-15 mins BEFORE your session starts so you are in place and ready to work as soon as your time starts.



Here's how your session will go:

You will arrive at the location in Somerville 10-15 mins before your appointment, and my assistant will likely be outside in the back parking lot to meet you and guide you inside. If no one is there to meet you then you can walk around to the front of the building and ring the bell for Apartment #3. When you arrive I will be finishing up with the person ahead of you doing their photo review on the computer. This 10-15 mins before your session starts is important for you to have because it will give you time to park, get inside, have a drink of water, get settled and relaxed (important for photos!), use the restroom if needed, lay out your clothes for me to look at and be ready when your session time begins so we can make the most of your time.



-10-15 mins before your session starts you will arrive at the location. During this time you will park, get inside, and take care of any needs like having a glass of water or using the rest room. You will use this time to lay out your clothes, get settled and ready to work.

-When your session time begins we will chat about the shots you need, review your clothes and select your outfits and you will put on the first outfit (5-10 mins)

-We will shoot the first look (10-15mins)

-You will then change to your second look and we will shoot your second look (10-15 mins)

-Depending on whether you elect to upgrade your package we can fit a 3rd look in here (10-15 mins)

-After we shoot the two looks I will download your photos onto the computer and we will review them together. We will select your top 20 pics (or 50 pics if you choose to upgrade the package) and narrow them down to your top photo for retouching. Once the selection process is finished I will collect payment and we'll hug goodbye. (20 mins)

As you can see, we have a lot to do and a short amount of time, so it's imperative that you are there 10-15 mins before your session begins so we can give you the most bang for your buck. If you are late (and arriving at the time your session begins is considered late) then we may only be able to do one outfit instead of two.

At the end of our session I will collect payment (I accept cash, checks, Paypal, credit/debit with a 3.5% fee), we will hug goodbye and I will get started with the next person.

I thank you for your cooperation and patience to make this day run smoothly!



Lastly, please message me on Facebook messenger (www.facebook.com/ericaderrickson) to confirm that you read this and if you have any questions. I DO NO HAVE A PHONE NUMBER so messaging me beforehand will also make it easier to contact me on the day of the shoot if you have any trouble finding the location or need any help.


Whew, that was a lot! Thanks for reading through the info and doing your part to help this day run smoothly. I look forward to helping you get some great shots at the Headshot Clinic!


If you have any questions let me know, either to www.facebook.com/ericaderrickson or email me at ericaderricka@gmail.com and don't worry if you feel nervous. It's ok to be nervous! 


Trust in the magic...You're gonna be great. 


You already are.