Headshots FAQ


I’m returning from my winter travels in Asia at the end May 2018. After a period of rest with my family I will be happy to be back in my Boston headshots studio starting the first two weeks in June 2018. I will be available for hire June, July and August 2018 ONLY. I recommend if you’re interested in working with me not to wait, activate.



Find more info on my menu of headshot packages on the Rates page and descriptions below.

1. Clinic ($189) - A special low-cost event held once a month where you book an hour timeslot. We’ll shoot 1-2 looks (outfits) and then sit down at the computer together to review your shots. Together we select your best headshot(s) for retouching. You will receive one hi res retouched headshot emailed to you within 30 days (add more retouched shots $50 each). Great for anyone who needs an awesome new headshot on their quest for self-realization.

2. That Great Headshot ($350) - A private photography session lasting about an hour. Choose either studio lighting or outdoor natural lighting. We shoot 1-2 looks (outfits) and then sit down at the computer together to review your shots. We pick your best 15 pics and email them to you on the spot. We select your best headshot together and you will receive that one hi res retouched headshot emailed to you within 2 weeks. Extra retouched shots available for $50 each. Great for anyone who needs an awesome new headshot and would prefer more options and personal time together to nail that shot.

3. Complete Headshots and Bodyshots ($550) - (BEST PACKAGE FOR ACTORS) A private photography session lasting about two hours. Enjoy shooting both studio light and natural light shots. Spend the most time getting a wide range of images to showcase your character range and personality. Shoot 3-4 looks (outfits) and get the complete range of headshots and bodyshots you need for acting, business, college applications, dating sites or otherwise. For this package we do not sit down to review the shots together during the session, instead you will receive a web album gallery within 2 weeks with total access to download the hi res proofs from your photoshoot (approx 100 images). With this package you own the full rights to the photos so you can do whatever you wish with these images. From there via email we will choose your best two photos and you will receive those two hi res retouched shots emailed within 2 weeks of their selection. Extra retouching available for $50 per photo.

4. Modeling Comp Card ($850) - A private photography session lasting about three hours designed to help models develop their portfolio. We will shoot a range of images with different styles and lighting to capture your essence to impress agencies and their clients. We will shoot 6 looks (outfits) both in studio lighting and in natural lighting and you will receive a web album gallery with full access to download the full set of hi res proofs (approx 300-350 images) within 3 weeks. With this package you own the full rights to your images so you can do with them whatever you wish. We will select your best 5 images and you will receive those 5 hi res retouched images within 3 weeks of the final image selection. Optional comp card layout design available. Extra retouching available for $50 per photo.

5. Event photography ($175/hr) - I’ve been shooting events for over 16 years since I started my career in event photography in Washington DC in 2001. From Capitol Hill cocktail parties to bat mitzfahs down the street I learned that the charisma and good energy I bring behind the lens is the most valuable aspect I possess as an event photographer, even moreso than my expensive camera and fancy lenses! So if you’re having an event I would love to be there to create some beautiful shots to tell your story. The rate above is my standard but may change if there is travel or other factors involved, so shoot me an email to ericaderricka@gmail.com and tell me what you’ve got goin on.

Need something else? These packages were designed with the most common photography needs I meet, but are certainly not all encompassing. If you have something else in mind please reach out to me via email to ericaderricka@gmail.com and tell me about it. I would like to give you the most accurate quote for my services so some useful information you can provide me is:

-How many subjects are being photographed? Single or multiple dates? Individual or Group booking?

-What is the intended usage of your images? How many final images do you need

-What location do you have in mind? My studio in Boston or elsewhere?

-Is there a certain look or style you want my help to achieve?



I have three Headshot Clinics scheduled this summer :    June 30 & July 1   ///   July 21 & 22   ///    August 18 & 19 

If you're a business owner in need of awesome and consistent headshots for your employees I would be happy to set up a pop-up Headshot Clinic on location in your office. Talk to me about it here.




Great question! Head over to the Book Your Headshots page and follow the instructions. This system is for booking sessions at my Boston photography studio. If you wish to have a session at a different location please contact me about it first through the Contact form. For Boston photography sessions you will need to select a time and date from my booking calendar and follow the instructions to submit a non-refundable $50 payment to confirm your session. PLEASE read the confirmation email you receive as it will give you detailed instructions on what to do next and how to make the most of this investment.

If you've paid for any portion of your session in advance then you DO NOT need to pay the $50 payment.




Consider in advance what kind of character(s) you want to portray in your professional headshots and bring a range of colors, styles and layers that communicate those looks. I recommend bold solid colors and staying away from busy patterns that distract the eye. Bring several options that make you feel good and when you arrive at my Boston photography studio we will go through your clothes together and decide what will work best for the images we're trying to create.

NINJA TIP: I recommend women who plan to shoot outdoors to bring a nude spaghetti strap tank top to wear under their clothes, which allows us to change tops more respectfully outside so we can get more out your session without having to return inside to change.  

If you'd like to read a more detailed answer visit: "What Clothes to Wear in Your Headshot Photoshoot".




My lowest and most cost effective packages including Clinic and That Great Headshot focus our time and energy on nailing that headshot you need. If you are looking for a wider range of images including both headshots and bodyshots then I recommend you opt for the Complete Headshots & Bodyshots package which gives us more time together to get both those headshots and bodyshots. This is my highest recommended package (especially for actors) and includes 3-4 looks, both indoor and outdoor shots, Hi Res download and full license on the full set of proofs plus 2 final Hi Res retouched shots.




With some packages you do and some you don’t. In previous years I would charge extra for the proofs but in this 2018 season I want to give you the most bang for your buck so I'm including the full download and ownership rights to your images for the Complete Headshots & Bodyshots package and the Modeling Comp Card package. The Clinic and Great Headshot package are my most affordable option because they do NOT include the web album with the ability to download proofs, which can be added on later for $100.




Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we need to change plans, that's totally ok. If you need to change your photoshoot session I request that you let me know as soon as you think there may be a conflict in your schedule. Rescheduling is fine, however in order to confirm your headshot session initially there is a non-refundable $50 deposit. The deposit transfers if we reschedule within 30 days of your initial booking, however you forfeit your deposit if you do not reschedule within 30 days, or if you give me less than 12 hours notice of cancellation (except in some cases of emergency). This is ensure that when people sign up for a session they are serious about working with me and we are respecting each other's time.




I typically collect payment at the end of our session, although sometimes I will take payment in advance, and in rare cases (mostly corporate) I will accept payment after the session. Please discuss with me in advance if you are not prepared to pay at the time of the session and we can work something out.

I accept payment in cash, check (made out to Erica Derrickson), Paypal, Venmo, and I can also accept credit/debit cards however there is a 3% fee for that service.




As an artist myself who has struggled through all sorts of financial situations I'm willing to be flexible with people who need and ask for help. That doesn't mean I can work for free, I believe there must always be an energy exchange.Typically this energy exchange is measured in money but it doesn't have to be.

The first option I can offer you is to do installment payments. For example you can pay $150 at the time of the shoot and then $100 a month until the balance is paid.

Alternatively I am a huge fan of the barter system because money is not the only thing of value. What can you offer me in exchange for my work? Do you cut hair? Are you a licensed masseuse? Are you an excellent writer? Are you a marketing wizard? Are you a real wizard? Are you a carpenter? Can you build things? Would you come clean my house? Are you a world class babysitter (w references)? What kind of skills do you have that might be of interest to me? Put yourself in my shoes and think of how you can help me improve the quality of my business or life. I'm a firm believer that getting what you want in life is not a matter of your resources but rather your resourcefulness, and when you focus on creating value for others anything is possible.




Some packages include a web gallery with full access to download your Hi Res proofs. In addition to downloading your shots, this web gallery allows us the ability to sort and organize our favorite images which will help us in the final selection process. Alternatively, if you’re working with an agent, manager or other industry pro you will be able to send them your web gallery link and they can select their favorites and share that Favorites List with you. You can see a sample album here. Please note, not all packages include the web gallery with proofs:

  1. Clinic - To keep the cost low you will NOT receive the web gallery with downloadable Hi Res proofs. During the session we will review the shots together and select your final shot(s) for retouching before you leave the studio. You will receive your Hi Res retouched headshot(s) via email within 30 days. If when we review the proofs you decide you wish to keep them all then you can add a downloadable web gallery of Hi Res proofs for $100.

  2. That Great Headshot - To keep the cost low this package does NOT include the web gallery after leaving the studio. However you will receive 15 proofs at web resolution emailed to you on the day of the shoot.  If you decide after seeing the proofs that you want to keep them all you can add a web gallery with download access and full rights to the Hi Res proofs for $100.

  3. Complete Headshots & Bodyshots package & Modeling Comp card package both include the web gallery with full access to download the Hi Res images from your shoot. These packages include the full license to the images so you can do whatever you like with your photos. Put em on a Billboard, I’ll cheer you on!




I will deliver the final images to you via email in different versions: hi res for printing and web resolution for sharing online. I do not use CDs or any other physical transfer method. In the instance I need to transfer you more files I will use either Dropbox or a Wetransfer link where you can download your images.

For actors I provide a file that is a professional 8x10 layout with your name on it. If you have a font preference please let me know in advance otherwise I will use my standard font. The 8x10s files are meant to be printed, NOT shared online.

I will provide you a medium web resolution file for sharing that includes my watermark. I will give you two options, one with the original rectangular crop and one as a square crop. The square crop is provided as an option to use as your Facebook profile pic so that my watermark is not cropped out. I require that you share the images with my watermark on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. DO NOT EVER CROP OUT MY WATERMARK or I’ll send snakes after you (kidding! Or am I?). If you share the photo without my watermark I will ask you to take it down and repost it. If you would like I can provide a web resolution file without my watermark, however this image is by request only and is only for non-social websites like IMDB or Backstage.




Expect to have fun! Photoshoots with me are what I call a “conversation through my lens” and that’s because it feels more like us hanging out then a normal photoshoot scenario. I will take the time to get to know you and help you feel at ease. I get it, having a photoshoot is like agreeing to bare your soul to someone you hardly know, and that’s not the most comfortable thing for anyone to do. But don’t worry, this is where my energy comes in. It’s my job to help you feel relaxed, at ease and like your best self is shining through.

When you first arrive at my Boston photography studio I like to take a few moments to sit, relax and chat before we start shooting. Keep in mind, for the Clinic package we are working with little time so we have to keep it short (and I’d say that’s the biggest advantage of the higher packages, they give us more time to take our time). Depending on how much time your package allows we'll have a conversation where we'll get to know each other better and talk about the things important to you, including how you want to use these photos and what kind of images you think you need. Based on what I hear from you, what I know from my experience and what I see in you I will also have some ideas about what kind of images I think will best serve you. When we start the shoot we'll both have an idea of what we're looking to create for you during our time together.

After taking some time to get to know each other we’ll review your clothing options and together decide what works best for the kind of character you’re looking to portray and what you want to achieve.

Some packages will keep us in the studio, some will take us outside, some will do both. The area around my studio in Boston’s Fort Point Artist Community is ripe with awesome industrial backgrounds. I will show you some of my favorite spots. If you like brick walls you’ll be in heaven, kid.

Don't worry about knowing how to pose, I will give you plenty of direction and guidance as we go. It's my job to make you look good in front of the camera, your job is just to show up and be open to my process.

With some packages the work doesn’t stop in the camera. With my lower packages we’ll sit down at the computer together to review your shots before you leave the studio. I will give you my feedback on what works best for you and together we will select your final images for retouching. With That Great Headshot package I will also email you your best 15 pics.

For my higher packages after we hug goodbye the behind-the-scenes work starts. I will download and organize your files, spending quality time studying your images, removing any shots that are out of focus, where you blink, are chewing on words, etc. After I narrow it down to your most presentable images (50-350 images depending on the package you select) I then do a basic edit on each individual photo. I will adjust the colors, exposure, contrast, vibrance and other stuff for optimal viewing.*

*This is my basic edit process which is different than retouching, which is a more intensive process that comes later after you select your final images.

After this basic edit process is complete I will then post these proofs online in a web gallery for your review. You will also have access to download the Hi Res proofs from your shoot through this web gallery (not included in all packages). This will be delivered within two weeks of your photoshoot.

After we’ve selected together or you've given me the images file numbers you want for your final Hi Res retouched headshot(s) I will take them into the retouching stage.

The approximate processing time for retouching is two weeks, but if you order more retouched images it can take longer, which I will clarify for you before we begin. If you have any special auditions or deadlines by which you need your retouched images please let me know and I will work to accommodate your needs. For super urgent deadlines a rush fee may apply. When you receive your retouched images you can tell me if you would like something altered or retouched differently and I'll be happy to rework the image to your specifications. Your happiness is my goal!




For two looks you’ll see approximately 50 proofs, four looks 100-150 proofs, six looks 300-350 proofs. The exception is the low cost Headshot Clinic where I will show you about 25-30 proofs to choose from.




The higher packages include ownership and print rights for all your images. If you choose a lower package and after the shoot decide you wish to own and print the full set of unretouched images the cost is $100.




First of all, I encourage you to tell me about your retouching preferences. I'm here to give you what you like.

My retouching process includes removing distracting elements such as temporary blemishes like pimples and skin discoloration while being sure to preserve the natural texture of freckles and birthmarks. With face retouching you can say goodbye to dark areas under the eyes, unwanted stray hairs and unwanted reflections in the eyes. Some photographers do a global whitening of the eyes that can make them look flat and unnatural while I have my own technique for bringing out the light in the eyes which make the windows to your soul truly shine. A powerful look in the eyes gives you best chance to capture the attention of potential employers and collaborators!

Each person will need their own amount and style of retouching (often women need more than men, as well as adults often need more than teens and kids) so I will take into account each client's needs and preferences to ensure that I am delivering the optimal results required for each individual. If you want more or less retouching please let me know.




No. I ask that you trust my eye and experience. After our shoot I've spent a lot of time examining your images closely and I'm showing you the very best options to choose from. These are the shots where your eyes are open and in sharp focus, where the lighting is the best, where your personality shines and they are just simply the best overall images. Looking at fewer images keeps it simple which helps to make your decision faster, which means you get your final retouched images back sooner.




My lower packages include only one lighting setup (studio v natural). The Clinic package is studio light only while That Great Headshot gives you the option of one or the other. My higher packages include BOTH studio and natural lighting so you get the widest range of images to help you win.




Some packages will show you your proofs right there in the studio and some packages include a web gallery with downloadable proofs about two weeks after your shoot. From there the time it will take to select the final images varies person to person because some people respond quickly while others take more time to decide. Once you give me the final image selections (or from what we decide together in the studio) it will take about 2 weeks to process your final retouched shots, except with the low cost Clinic which will deliver your images within 30 days. Rush services are available, talk to me about your deadlines.




I encourage my clients to be honest with me. If you weren’t happy about something anywhere in my process or product I want you to tell me so I can fix things and imrpove myself for the future. The happiness of the people (like you!) who trust me to create your image is very important to me, so I will do whatever I can to ensure your satisfaction.

However, in my experience there are also some clients who don't like the images for reasons that are not due to my skills or my responsibility, rather they don't like them out of their own responsibility, such as, they didn't like the clothes they brought, they didn't like the way they did their hair, or they didn't get enough sleep the night before and didn't like how tired they looked, or maybe they just don’t like the way they’re aging, or maybe after they saw the images they realized that they were looking for a completely different style of image which they did not communicate to me. The challenge for me is that I put a lot of time and labor into creating these images and I'm doing everything I possibly can on my end to make sure I can offer my clients the best results possible. So if a client comes back to me and we both agree that the images are not the best they could be under the circumstances then yes, I will be happy to reshoot the session for free. If we reshoot the session for free then the client is NOT permitted to use any of the images from the first session.

However in the instance where the client does not like the images based on something which was in the client's control: the clothes they brought, or they decided afterwards they didn't like the hair or makeup (which in some cases this can be fixed in retouching), or how tired they looked because they were out partying the night before, or they just don’t like themselves in pictures or otherwise, or they realize later they were looking for a different style which they had not clarified to me in advance, then there will be a $150 discount applied towards a future session. But if we both did everything we could to make these images the best and we agree that we just didn't get the right shot then yes I will be happy to reshoot the session for free.

The Headshot Clinic session is the exception. We’re working with a short amount of time and frankly some people really do need more time to warm up in front of the camera, which is why truly some people would be best served with a private session not during a Headshot Clinic event. If you don’t like your Clinic pic then I will offer you a $89 discount to come back and try again at a future Clinic.

Ultimately my advice in this area is to be as clear as possible with yourself and with your professional headshot photographer as to what you want to get out of this session. Have an idea of what kind of image you are looking for, make sure you approve the hair and makeup style during the shoot, make sure when we select the final outfit that you are in fact happy with it, and please give me your honest feedback during the session if there's something you want to change. I will even be happy to show you the images on my camera as we go and if you have any concerns or want to make any changes please speak up, because I would rather you speak your mind during the session rather than get to the proofing stage only to finally voice a preference.

If you do not like the results of the retouching no problem! Just tell me what you would like to have adjusted and I will be happy to make the corrections and send you an updated file. It's really important to me that you are happy!



Please submit your noble inquiry through the Contact page and I'll be happy to give you a reply. Thanks!