How Can You Prepare for Your Photoshoot?

Professional headshots are one of the best investments you can make in your career. Make sure you get the most out of your investment by considering these suggested tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot session:

  • Unless you are hiring a makeup artist through me, please come to the studio with your makeup ready. If you arrive at the studio and do your makeup here then it will take away from your session and we will have less time to shoot. Please arrive ready to work!
  • Get sleep the night before your session. 
  • Drink plenty of water preceding your session so your skin is at its best.
  • For women who plan to shoot outdoors please wear a light or nude colored undershirt or tank top underneath your clothes to make it easier to change looks outside. 
  • For men who want to show different facial hair styles (and who elect for packages which include the time) bring a razor for the option to shave your face between outfits to get a totally different look.
  • We may see your hands in some shots so considering getting or giving yourself a manicure with clear polish for women and just a neat and tidy trim for men.
  • Do a little research beforehand to clarify the kind of image you want, like and/or need for your unique purposes. If its helpful to you then create a Pinterest board or send me some sample images you want to emulate - that will help me understand the vision for your shots and deliver the kind of shot you want and need.
  • For extra credit familiarize yourself with the concepts of the squinch and the jaw defining technique, but don't worry about perfecting them beforehand, I'll help you through it during our session.
  • On the day of the session try to avoid being in a rush. Seriously. Prepare your clothes the night before and check the address on your GPS before the day of your session. Familiarize yourself with the studio location and parking situation here.
  • Eat a meal at least an hour or two before your shoot so you have plenty of energy. 
  • Bring a comb or hairbrush to clean up before we start shooting.
  • Feel free to create a Spotify playlist or Pandora station of your favorite music that we can listen to during your session. 
  • Come ready to have fun, seriously! There's no need to be nervous. It's your job to show up, it's my job to put you at ease and help the world see how awesome you are.

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Clothes : "What Should I Bring?"

  • Your face and eyes need to stand out most in your headshot, that's why I suggest you bring clothes that have bold, solid colors that complement your skin tones. 
  • The latest trend in acting headshots is bright, vivid colored clothing against natural light backgrounds. So try to bring some colorful options like orange, blue, purple, red or green.
  • For actors, consider what character you want portray and how that character would dress. Make sure you go for a dramatic look and a more commercial look, which could be the difference between a t-shirt and a button down collared shirt. 
  • For business people, consider what clothes you would wear to a meeting with your ideal client.
  • When selecting shirts bring a variety of options. For actors especially our objective is show casting directors how your character range, so choose tops that have a different vibe and different collars. For example a rounded t-shirt neckline, a buttoned down collared shirt and a drapey boatneck shirt each have a completely different vibe. 
  • To use our time most effectively think in terms of layers, like scarves, sweaters, suit or other jackets and even glasses. If you have a leather jacket I insist you bring it!
  • Don't bring too many options as that will take longer to choose (and take time away from your shooting time). Try to limit it to 3 options per look.
  • If you need help you can send me pics of your clothing options beforehand and I will advise you on what will work best!


  • Clothing with logos (little ones are ok, like that alligator guy).
  • Busy patterns or distracting fabrics that take the attention away from your face.
  • Accessories or jewelry that is distracting in shape or color. Remember, the focus is on you. Keep it simple.

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Special Instructions for Kids Acting Headshots & Modeling Headshots in Boston

Here are instructions straight from an agent at Model Club, Inc:

  • Focus on bringing nice colorful clothing. Any casual items such as t-shirts, vests, plaid shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, button down shirts and shorts would work great. Make sure they are not too messy with crazy designs on the front or large brand names (small logo’s are fine)! Simple block colors are much better. Think GAP or J-Crew kids for some good styling ideas
  • Bring clothing to suit all seasons such as colorful rain boots, spring jackets, hoodies and fun umbrellas etc
  • Bring accessories such as stylish hats – like straw hats (no baseball hats or sunglasses)
  • Bring a lot of different clothing options and make sure you keep it colorful. No suits or anything too formal
  • Bring some props like a baseball and glove, video game controller, rocking horse, skateboard or toys etc…anything your child could interact with and play with
  • We want lots of fun, playful and laughter pictures. Also - practicing some of the poses you find on GAP / J-Crew’s website could also be a good idea and give your child some confidence in front of the camera and an understanding of what he’s or she's going to be doing
  • Your photographer will select the outfits she feels will work best on camera, so please bring her lots of different options to choose from. You should also ensure his hair is kept clean, brushed, down and natural; please do not use any product or any extra styling. Bring any gels, brushes/combs and products you might need with you