How do we as artists create work that connects to the most truthful essence of our subject? How do we take better pictures of people?

Join award winning portrait photographer Erica Derrickson for an enlightening conversation about her journey from ignorance to bliss as a professional portrait photographer. In this insightful conversation Erica will share valuable lessons, philosophies and strategies gathered along her journey from photography apprentice 15 years ago to being one of the most highly acclaimed photographers in her industry today.

This free class is ideal for anyone who is curious about learning or advancing in the art of photography. Whether you're using an iPhone, a high end camera or no camera at all, every current or aspiring artist can benefit from and be inspired by Erica's vast career experience and wisdom.

Among other gems Erica will share the one key thing she says to her subjects to elicit the most natural heartfelt response and genuine smile that works every time.


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